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Serotonin’s web3 marketing services have brought the world’s leading blockchain projects, protocols, and applications to market. As a team of web3 natives, Serotonin partners with the teams we believe are building the future.


Serotonin’s web3 marketing experience spans the decentralized ecosystem. Our metaverse and NFT marketing work has strategized, launched, and sustained marketing campaigns for web3-native and web2 projects alike, including industry leaders like Proof, Doodles, Decentraland, World of Women, and Sotheby’s. Our infrastructure and DeFi marketing work has demystified blockchain’s most complicated concepts and attracted waves of users to new and established protocols alike, including Polygon, IPFS, Filecoin, Celo, Vega, and more.

Our Marketing Services:

Our branding approach at Serotonin brings together strategy, design, and web3 expertise to provide visuals and messaging to stand out in a growing market.

We build and engage audiences through brand research, branding identities, thoughtful experiences, captivating campaigns, and art direction for editorial experiences.

Serotonin’s web3 PR team consistently places our partners in the top trade publications and leading industry podcasts. Our approach to PR blends strategic comms with our nuanced approach to media relations, allowing our partners to authentically tell their stories.

Serotonin has relationships with every event in the web3 landscape. We can help you earn speaking opportunities, obtain press coverage on the ground, manage sponsorships for booth builds and lead capture, generate creative event concepts, and advise your overall event marketing strategy. We can also assist you with full production for dinners, launch parties, and more: from creative concept through detailed event execution.

Serotonin’s Web3 Content services supercharge discoverability and brand awareness. Our full-stack team is responsible for creating the foundational assets that represent your brand and attract your users. We provide full support on both web3 distribution strategy and content implementation across platforms.

Web3 Community is the heart of a product, protocol, or ecosystem. Serotonin specializes in launching, growing, and engaging web3 communities through announcements, launches, and varying market conditions.

Serotonin’s Web3 Social Media services excel at growing your brand’s online visibility, impact, and personality. From strategy to execution, our team will bring your brand or product to life on social media. We create a robust social media engine that feeds itself.

The Serotonin design team provides our clients with the best design and creative offerings across projects. Our design services apply projects’ branding across website design and development, social media assets, digital and print experiences, motion design, event design, decks and presentations, iconography, and brand apparel.

Web3 Growth Marketing at Serotonin optimizes the reach and impact of your protocol. We leverage on- and off-chain customer data and market insights to better understand your target audience. We apply those learnings to acquisition strategies that attract audiences, convert customers, and grow projects — amplifying every step of the user journey.

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