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Serotonin is a marketing firm and product studio for transformative technologies.

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Serotonin drives paradigm shifting strategies to evolve the way businesses, consumers, and organizations operate around the world.

Our Team

Our results are driven by a world class team from marketing, product, and strategy.

Amanda Cassatt

CEO & Co-founder
Amanda is a pioneer in identifying, understanding, and marketing novel ideas. From 2016 to 2019, she helped bring Ethereum to market as CMO of ConsenSys, where she founded the Ethereal event series and served as a partner in 30+ product launches, token generations, and fundraises. Amanda was listed on Forbes 30 Under 30, and speaks at events from TechCrunch Disrupt to the World Economic Forum. Amanda co-founded Serotonin to continue pushing forward the emerging technologies that are evolving our world’s systems.

Matthew Iles

Co-founder & Partner
Matthew is an expert in positioning brands for breakout success. His agency Nine Lines led marketing for 40+ consumer startups over 6 years, and he co-created the digital marketing course for General Assembly. He then founded the blockchain-for-journalism startup Civil, which gained 200+ press mentions across global media outlets and was acquired by ConsenSys in 2020. Matthew co-founded Serotonin to partner with breakthrough technology companies on bringing remarkable new ideas and products to the world.


Camilla specializes in the alchemy of turning abstract concepts into concrete operations. Following her time as Client Service Content Manager at Bridgewater Associates and Head of Financial Services Product Marketing at ConsenSys, Camilla joined Serotonin to be at the helm of scaling client engagement and establishing processes for portfolio growth. A marketer with a macro-mindset, Camilla is obsessed with how the world will adapt to the changing dynamics of the Future of Work.

Everett Muzzy

Everett is a tech narrator keen on bringing out the human element when writing about emerging technologies. Following 3 years in content, product marketing, and data science research at ConsenSys, Everett joined Serotonin to help clients find their voices and bring their stories to market. A curious soul and a superfan of longform articles, Everett finds himself connecting dots across technology, culture, science, and history in much of what he writes.

Kara miley

public relations
Kara is a storyteller with a knack for tracking down the most interesting stories in tech. Following 3 years as Global Head of PR for Consensys, Kara joined Serotonin to give clients access to the world’s media outlets. A self-proclaimed and battle-tested Olivia Pope, Kara brings to the table an uncanny ability to present the value, evolution, and meaning of complicated emerging tech to far-flung audiences

Matt Coolidge

Matt is a full-stack marketer focused on bringing complex client campaigns to life. Following time as Head of Communications at Chainlink, Matt joined Serotonin to bring an international communications mindset to client success. An insatiable explorer of new ideas and paradigms, Matt focuses on communicating the value of emerging technologies with the goal of leaving the world more sustainable for the generation that follows.

Dan kinsley

Dan is a dreamer with the skills to build those dreams into existence. As the former CTO of Civil, Dan joined Serotonin as Head of Technology with an eye towards building out a product suite to bring to life the many possibilities of blockchain technology. With years of emerging tech development under his belt, Dan believes strongly we are all still in early days, and fully plans on tinkering his way towards the vision of a decentralized, Web3-powered world

Jeffrey Vier

business operations
Jeffrey leads operations at Sero Labs, our product innovations team and venture studio. Prior to Serotonin and since 2012, he has served as COO and senior consultant at blockchain technology-focused product design and venture studios. Jeffrey has overseen product development for brands like Zynga, Celsius Network, ShapeShift, Bitcoin.com, Nationwide, Coindesk, Digital Currency Group, DASH, KeepKey, Salt Lending, and many more.
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