Serotonin launches Web3 Recruiting Services.
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The marketing firm and product studio for web3


Web3 Transformation
NFT Launches

We are the leading web3 marketing firm, specializing in companies both native and new to web3. Our services take products and brands to market with brand positioning, visual design, content, PR, community, growth, events, and more.


We are the premium web3 recruiting firm focused on identifying, recruiting and hiring web3 talent for our growing ecosystem of partners.


We help traditional and web2 companies understand web3 technology and develop go-to-market strategies for these brands to bring their existing audiences into web3 and also attract the new web3 community.

We support NFT launches from concept through the final sale. We also provide the ongoing marketing, community and PR support through our marketing services teams.

We are the leading web3 events firm providing earned speaking opportunities, managing event sponsorships, and coordinating owned productions for any level of activation. We have relationships with every event in the web3 landscape.


Serotonin builds, incubates and brings to market web3 products that have broad appeal and solve problems for consumers and brands.

Our Partners

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